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Friday, June 21, 2013

Fibromyalgia: What power?

Fibromyalgia: What power?

Fibromyalgia, a complex disease whose cause remains unknown ...
Fibromyalgia is a complex syndrome involving muscle and joint pain and chronic diffuse, fatigue and sleep disturbances. This disease suffer between 3 and 5% of the population, mostly women. The diagnosis is made after eliminating other diseases can also cause such chronic pain. Then, based on two criteria:

Widespread pain lasts for more than 3 months;
Of the 18 tender points, 11 of them are painful to pressure.
But according to HAS, this test is not unanimity among physicians.
Pain, cognitive behavioral therapy and physical activityWith no known cause, there is no treatment to cure or prevent disease. Management is complex, involving especially painkillers and cognitive behavioral therapy. Other aspects are recommended for patients, particularly the practice of regular physical activity (outside of painful flare and adapt depending on the degree of disability).
Nutrition Tips: yet little scientific validation but tracksFood, many nutritional counseling side are commonly given, but the data are few scientifically validated. They nevertheless possible to draw some broad guidelines and provide practical advice for fibromyalgia patients without any risk or danger as they support the health food.
Fibromyalgia: The two major nutritional guidelines
According to scientific evidence available today, a vegetarian diet may be beneficial in cases of fibromyalgia because of its richness in antioxidants. Finally, weight loss seems to improve symptoms, including relieving the joints.
What diet for fibromyalgia?
In general, we can advise people with fibromyalgia to lose weight if body mass index greater than 25 (divide twice your weight by your height), and eat lots of fruits and vegetables .
Antioxidants, organic, exciting: what advice for fibromyalgia?

Eat a balanced, ideally by a point with a nutritionist.
Adopt a diet rich in antioxidants (fruits, vegetables, green tea) and omega-3.
Avoid stimulants in the evening (not to aggravate the common sleep problems in fibromyalgia patients): tea, coffee, cola, alcohol.
Eat organic if possible, which is always good.
About specific foods and interest in certain dietary supplements, further studies are needed before recommendations for fibromyalgia.

To lose weight, do not especially ... diet!

To lose weight, do not especially ... diet!

Diet, the best way to grow
Ask all nutritionists following obese people their opinions on the plan, they will tell you the vast majority of the same.
To know that all patients have tried a plethora of schemes and that they have not helped them lose weight ... On the contrary!
Going on a diet implies that efforts be made on a temporary basis, which does not lose weight permanently!
So do not rely on fad diets that promise you to lose 5 kg in two weeks.
To lose weight, you must learn to eat better
The solution to lose your unwanted once and for all pounds?
Review your way to eat, move and be patient.
Before 40 years, changing your eating habits, you can expect to lose 2-4 pounds per month after rather bet on 1-2 kilos.
How should we eat?
Remains to be seen what it means to "eat well"!
For Patrick Van Alphen, it means returning to the diet of our ancestors. That is to say?

Eat like a king in the morning, lunch must be the richest meal of the day (bread, eggs, omega-3, ham, dairy products).

Eat lunch like a prince: dinner is a complete meal with meat, vegetables and moderately starchy.

Eat like a pauper in the evening dinner should be light, low in carbohydrates. A soup of green vegetables with a little meat and a couple of slices of bread in winter or summer salad, for example.
Meanwhile, it should be used to banish from his diet while sugar-rich food.

To lose weight, you need to move, move, move!
To see the pounds disappear, eating well is not enough.
It should also spend the calories you swallow. This does not necessarily mean you have to enroll in a gym. A fortiori if run on a treadmill or sweat group carpet is not just your cup of tea.
You can simply get used to not make your life easier:

Go to work by bike or on foot
Do not take the elevator,
On weekends, enjoy long walks or bike
Go to the ice
In short, move as soon as the opportunity arises.
Ideally, according to Dr. Van Alphen: invest in an exercise bike and pedal to the television. Very soon, it will become a habit and you will not feel like an effort.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Christmas nightmare for singles!

Christmas nightmare for singles!

I am over 30 and I'm single ...

Jacques, 33, is single, and it is of course invited his family to celebrate Christmas. "I'd also like to have children, but I have not yet met the mother. Perhaps because of my shyness. So happy to see my brothers a couple, their children have fun, it makes me happy of course, but at times it is like a dagger.

Why I have no right? The worst thing is not that it is the remarks. "So when your turn to give us grandchildren? regularly ask my parents ... And everyone feels compelled to offer me a small gift. That's nice, but I know that after I spend the kids (thank goodness!) And it gives me the blues. I tell myself that I am the most important person in the world for anyone. And I feel even stronger my loneliness "

Thus, a great family celebration brings out even more violently loneliness ...

Really only for Christmas ...

Marianne separated from his companion, will not have a son on Christmas Day. "It's hard this year. Especially since my parents are both deceased. And my sister lives in the United States. Then I'll be really alone. I asked several friends if they could invite me, and everyone said yes. I need to have several invitations for the day of Christmas single, just thinking about it, it makes me want to shoot myself! I still do not know which I'll accept, but even if I feel a patch, I have much gratitude for these nice invitations. And next year, I will have my son with me. "

Be completely alone, without family, it is very painful for some. Better anticipate as Marianne, provide to be invited to a Christmas party. In this case, the advantage of being single is a cover over it is always possible. So if you are in this situation, do not let depression get. Also note that we will be happy to invite you.

For Christmas, everyone wants to make a nice gesture. So give this opportunity to others. Who knows, you may discover the favor another day in other circumstances!

Parent, concern fatal ...

Elisa has two little girls and she just divorce. She will spend Christmas with her daughters, but they will be only three. "I tried to hold me to celebrate Christmas with friends, but all leave with their parents or siblings. I'm an only child and my father has Alzheimer's disease to the point that he recognizes me. My daughters are very small, and it is impossible to invite in his state. My mother died a long time ago. Result, it will be all three. It is more difficult for me than my parents, who were in a cult, never celebrated Christmas. So I do not feel equipped to share the magic of Christmas. I'll do my best for my daughters, but the heart will be little ... "

You think being alone with her adult children, it is not quite being alone? Yet though. Children, even if we love deeply, can not replace an equal relationship between adults. This is what feels Elisa. Ideally, maybe she knows someone in the same situation to share a Christmas that two-parent families ... This requires a strong motivation to find someone who is also wanted.

Why is it so difficult to be alone?

As Jacques said, everyone needs to feel the most important person in the world to someone. A holiday family used to put these bonds of love demonstrated. When they fail, a large cavity is made visible.

When you are alone in life, instead of feeling amidst a relational fabric supporting it feels to float in space, there is a lack of links that help us to keep going or to live the essence of life , strong relationships with others. One may ask: "What is my life? To which I account? What I do on earth? "From big questions come to the surface.

Why envy others?

Instead of depressed about his fate, why envy others? The ideal family where the parents are happily married, adorable kids, grandparents helpful and healthy, it is often an illusion. Each family has drama, tension, secrets not always desirable. So believe that being alone is a painful anomaly is forgetting other pain may be well hidden.

Create happiness around you

That Christmas is a happy holiday for many people as possible, if you are alone, give others the pleasure to invite you. Dare to ask!

If you have a family, pay attention to those around you. There may be someone that you could only take pleasure in inviting. A good deed is never lost, and Christmas is the time where ever you put your generosity to work.

Stepfamily: the keys to success

Stepfamily: the keys to success

Blended family: a new model
We live in a time of upheaval for the traditional family model.
Breakups and divorces are more frequent. With nearly 30,000 divorces per year, more than a little French in ten high in a stepfamily.
These new homes offer sometimes difficult to manage family configurations. Get to know, difficult to find its place, problems with authority, are all challenges every day.
There is no magic recipe, but many pitfalls can be avoided.

Father-and mother-in: how to advertise to children?
The presentation of the new partner is a crucial step in the stepfamily.
Whatever happens is seen as an outsider and it comes as stepmother and stepfather feel put on the spot. We must act wisely, finding the right time and the right circumstances to put everyone at ease.
For the child to take the relationship seriously, and get used to, it is important that meets regularly with the new partner.
It is also worth taking the time to talk to the child and to be attentive to the feelings he may be experiencing.
Do not forget to clear its choice: organize a new environment, with someone you love.
This is the couple divorced no children
According to Isabelle Poreye specializing in family therapy, the term "blended family" carries ambiguity.
"There is a real family: blood ties. Induce the existence of two families causes a conflict of loyalty. Explain that the newcomer does not replace the parent allows a relational freedom desired by the child. The acceptance of the stepparent must initially be in the spirit of respect for the decision of its parent. "
Stepfather, stepmother: how to mark his authority?
The legislation does not provide status for the stepfather and stepmother.
They have no right on the key to education and school-children. In this context, the exercise of authority, already difficult in normal times, quickly becomes a balancing act in a stepfamily.
But lack of legitimacy does not mean there are no rules of common life and code of conduct. The new couple must jointly define a "modus vivendi" to have children and to enforce. This framework structure the child understands that his step-parent is an adult, on which it can rely, but which he must respect and obedience.
The former must be informed (e) of the draft stepfamily. He (she) has the right to obtain all information related to the new context of his child's life.
An approach that also reduces the risk of conflicts and settlement of accounts.

Slap, slapping and spanking: when the ban?

Slap, slapping and spanking: when the ban?

The slaps are physical violence that we should no longer tolerate

Through a web TV and conveying the message "spot There is no slap on the wrist! "The Foundation for Children invites parents to think and change their bad habits. Any physical abuse of a child can have a significant impact: "A number have consequences in terms of health, learning and development," warns the Foundation. Slap, slapping, spanking and other steps are practices that can "lead to serious and sometimes educational deadlock situations of abuse."

When is a French law banning ordinary educational violence?

According to Dr. Emmanuelle Piet, coordinator of the campaign, "more than 50% of parents are beginning to hit their child before the age of two, convinced by the education they received that is useful to them and profitable." Or reproduce such violence is unacceptable. Considered a crime between adults, why tolerate them to our children? Unjustifiable an ethical point of view, these common educational violence are also prohibited by law in 32 countries but not in France ...

Monday, June 17, 2013

Melon salad with duck breast

Melon salad with duck breast

Preparing the melon salad with duck breast

Open the melon in half, remove the seeds.

With a melon baller, cut the flesh into small balls. Put them in a bowl to cool.

Peel and grate the apples. The lemon to prevent browning.

Cut half camembert into small cubes.

In a bowl, place the melon, grated apple and diced Camembert. Add the slices of smoked duck breast. Pour a spoonful of balsamic.

Mix and serve chilled.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

What are the first signs of stress?

What are the first signs of stress?

What are the symptoms of stress?

Muscle tension (tension, muscle pain and fatigue) are the most characteristic sign of chronic stress. This is due to the impregnation of adrenaline that prepares us to leap to flee from danger. Previously, these reactions were used to deal with dangerous or threatening situations. Today, it is the social, professional or family who are brought to the surface stress.
Sleep disorders: the stressed people sleep more difficult, until this sign clearly indicates depression (lack of desire to get up in the morning, disturbed sleep in the second half of the night, loss of esteem esteem, loss of confidence, sadness ...).
Anxiety, nervousness.
The mood and withdrawal: many small disturbances such as loss of the urge to laugh, humor which declines, the transition from laughter to tears, lack of energy, declining enthusiasm , difficulty getting up in the morning to go to work, etc..
Decreased libido: when a person has no desire to make love in a couple, then all is well otherwise it may be a sign of stress.
The signs of acute stress
There are also a variety of symptoms that correspond to acute stress:

Diarrhea, for example in a student before her exam,
Headaches, especially among women,
Dry mouth, before an oral examination, for example,
A rapid breathing,
Loss of appetite, etc..
Chronic stress
This is the most insidious chronic stress, the one that occurs every day and leads to progressive unwittingly changes. So much so that in most cases, it is the environment that gives the alarm. The person does not realize his problem because the signs are installed gradually.
Try to listen to the others because they are the witnesses of your changes. They observe and report that we have lost weight, as you become sad, withdrawn, that was bad mine, etc.. The environment is our goal mirror.

Identify the causes of stress
Once the signs of stress identified, it must be asked why you are stressed and clearly identify stressors. Most often, the stress on the familiar: a job loss, divorce, family problems, children with health problems or psychological, relational difficulties, merger and reorganization in its business, moving, etc..
Overall, which generates stress, are abrupt changes, radicals, which have not been prepared.
Manage stress
The first way to manage stress is to prepare in advance the changes we pressent.Un job change is anticipated, as a move or a divorce as a couple also leaves many clues that it must learn to identify and interpret.
And if it has not been possible to prepare, you have to force them to react accordingly, to find a suitable solution.